Purdue University Purina Pavilion

We were extremely fortunate to get the call from our friends at Purdue that they needed a corral built for the new Purina Pavilion within the new Land O’ Lakes Center. We worked with our partners at 4-D MFG to custom fit these panels within the brand new facility. We think it looks incredible and are grateful for opportunities like this, especially at our Alma Mater!

Swinehart Family Show Pigs

Big thanks to Swinehart Family Show Pigs in Ohio for their purchase of multiple pen systems and reclaimed Duraplate from ULE! They took the extra time to prep the used gates and repainted them and now they look like new in their great chip barn. We love seeing customers create the facilities of their dreams with our used equipment!

Drake Hook Show Pigs

A few months back, Mr. Snapchat, AKA Brad Hook, came knocking to updating he and Drake’s farrowing house. He made the trek from Iowa to Indiana, and the results are awesome. They utilized tribar flooring for underneath the sow and plastic snap together pieces for the babies. Thanks, Hooks, for your business and looking forward to more in the future!


Southern Indiana Show Barn Shines

Many people think that due to our name, we only handle used equipment. That’s simply not true! We’re dealers for these incredible new panels that look the part. This custom built set up found a new home in southern Indiana. The customer had a very specific set of measurements that we had to follow to make it work with custom sizes, and now he is one satisfied guy! “I can’t believe how heavy duty and nice these things are!” Want the same great experience he had? Contact me today!

Blake Everhart, Indiana

DANG GIRL! Big thanks to Blake Everhart for working with us on this one! Blake had contacted the “big boys” to get his gates done, only to be left without any response and no sense of urgency. We were able to answer the bell for him. This is one of my favorite all time barns we’ve been a part of! I love when an older barn gets an interior face lift. Be sure to look up Blake and Tres Amigos Showpigs for your next champion!


Anonymous, Indiana

She’s a beut! Gorgeous new facility loaded with used equipment. This barn was built for a 4-H family that is in it to win it! One of the nicest ones we’ve seen at completion, and a great model barn for people wanting a dual purpose facility that they might not have pigs in forever. Can always drop the pens out, and then use for a machine shed or shop. Thanks to our friends who wish to stay anonymous on this great barn, we truly appreciate the business and we were happy to be a part of your story!

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Nathan Day Livestock

This one has a special place in my heart, as this is our show barn. We had the good fortune of working with a good structure but completely gutted, insulated, and re-wired it completely. This sits on our family’s farm that has been in this location for 120+ years. At one time this was a dairy and so we have multiple barns on site. I’ve included some before, during, and after pictures so a person can see how we’ve done it and that anything is possible with a little elbow grease!


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Wintex Farms

Wintex Farms down in Texas built a new chip barn and instead of eating the cost of new panels and gates, they cut and welded gates we found for them to make it work. Often finding exactly what a customer needs can be difficult, but we strive to help as best as we can. Will has been a big supporter of our program and we have no doubt they’ll be repeat offenders! Be sure to check out www.wintexfarms.com, as they are one of the most successful show pig firms in the country, and we were happy to be a part of their program!

Lackey Livestock

Huge THANK YOU to Lackey Livestock in Haskell, Texas for purchasing equipment for their new chip barn! This thing turned out incredible. Perfect example that our customers are price savvy and even though the building is new, they understand that saving big dollars by filling their barn with used equipment is the smart way to go! Be sure to look up Jason this season for your show pig needs! Check out their site: http://www.lackeylivestock.com


Decker Show Pigs

Decker Show Pigs from Indiana bought his gating from us for their chip barn. Chad has had a ton of success here the past couple of years and we appreciate them entrusting ULE to fill their order. Be sure to look up Decker Show Pigs for your needs this season.