The goal at Used Livestock Equipment is to be a helping hand and serve as the personal equipment guru to help our customers build their dream facilities. Whether that’s a simple 4-H project that just needs a handful of gates tossed into a barn, a commercial production building that needs a less expensive upgrade, or maybe even a family that’s just testing the waters of the show circuit and doesn’t want to invest a ton to get their project started, we are here to help! Allow us to be a guide in your buying process! Don’t worry if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, just contact us here and we’ll be happy to be on the hunt for you. We are here to guide you in the process of supplying your dream facility with used equipment. Check back to our site early & often to see what we’ve got for sale.

We have sold thousands of pieces of equipment all over the country including:

  • hog finisher gates
  • cattle feeders
  • hog nursery gates
  • goat feeders
  • stainless nursery feeders
  • lamb stands
  • kane nursery feeders
  • trailers
  • stainless finisher feeders
  • propane & natural gas heaters
  • stainless wet/dry feeders
  • waterers for hogs and cattle
  • rubber farrowing mats
  • semen supply equipment
  • farrowing crates
  • farrowing crate flooring
  • tenderfoot
  • PVC panels
  • show supplies
  • clippers
  • reclaimed Duraplate
  • …and much more!

Inventory moves fast, don’t get left behind! Text or Call Nathan Day now at 317-607-3320 to buy.

30″ Double Sided Stainless Staco Nursery Feeders


Crystal Springs Wet/Dry Feeders


Stainless Sow Feeders


40″ Stainless Double Sided Feeders


Galvanized Finger Farrowing Crates


Four Pen System


Horizontal Bar Panels


36″ Double Sided Stainless Nursery Feeders


Reclaimed Duraplate


Galvanized Farrowing Crates


14 x 4 Poly Feeder


18 x 8 Poly Feeder


5 x 7 Farrowing Crate Floors


Four Pen Nursery System


Poly & Stainless Wet/Dry Feeder


42″ Stainless Nursery Feeder


New Complete Pens for Show Barns and Fairs

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Farm Gates

Hundreds of Various Gates Available

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