Reclaimed Duraplate

We finally got a huge load of reclaimed Duraplate. Duraplate, for those not aware, is what is on the sides of semi trailers. It’s metal on two sides, with a poly resin center. It’s extremely heavy and can withstand a lot of abuse!

Some of the most common uses of Duraplate include:

  • lining the walls of your show barn
  • wash racks
  • cattle cooler
  • clipping rooms
  • garage
  • shop
  • farrrowing crate dividers
  • kennels
  • picture pens

…endless opportunities, just get creative! You’ll see in the pictures different uses of Duraplate in show barns.

The majority of what I have is 3’11 x 8’11. Different thicknesses, most is 1/4 to 3/8″. Most also has the pop rivets along the sides. $40-$50 each sheet.


Inventory moves fast, don’t get left behind! Text or Call Nathan Day now at 317-607-3320 to buy.



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