Galvanized Finger Farrowing Crates

Some of the nicest crates we’ve had our hands on! These are galvanized, with tip out fingers on one side, the other side is just drop rodded in, and is independent of the frame, so you can remove one side and tip up the other if you want to wean in the crates or have to pull out a sow in an emergency. Comes with a stainless feeder and I’ll throw in a high/low nipple waterer with each of them. I don’t ever say anything is in PERFECT shape, but these would score a 9/10. Breeding time in the Midwest is NOW and if you even think you’ll need an extra crate or two or plan on doing a farrowing house remodel, now is the time! We’ve sold more crates this year than ever and I don’t see the trend slowing down.  Customer will need to put new nuts and bolts to attach the top to the frames on either end.


Inventory moves fast, don’t get left behind! Text or Call Nathan Day now at 317-607-3320 to buy.



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